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Ab-Solved – 100ml Topical



  • Fast Acting, Maximum Strength Defining Gel
  • Rapid Delivery to Stubborn Fat Areas
  • Targeted Effects Through Multiple Pathways
  • Contains 7-OXO-DHEA, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Trans-Resveratrol, & Phosphatidylserine

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Targeted Topical Defining Matrix
Advanced Maximum Strength Slimming Gel

Ab-Solved is an advanced maximum strength slimming gel designed to be applied on stubborn fat areas around the midsection such as the stomach and love handles.

Ab-Solved is the perfect weapon that allows you to directly attack stubborn fat areas around the midsection such as the stomach and love handles, resulting in increased thermogenesis in subcutaneous and visceral fat alike, although it is designed to have more of an emphasis on visceral fat.

Ab-Solved Highlights:

– Fast Acting, Maximum Strength Defining Gel
– Rapid Delivery to Stubborn Fat Areas
– Targeted Effects Through Multiple Pathways
– Contains 7-OXO-DHEA, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Trans-Resveratrol, & Phosphatidylserine

Ask yourself a few questions:

– Is your fat loss progress stuck in a rut?
– Does it seem like the fat around your abdominals and love handles just won’t come off?
– Do you tend to store fat around the stomach and love handles?
– Are you trying to lose fat but can’t get rid of the ‘beer belly’ look?

People that answer yes to any of the above questions may be interested in Ab-Solved.


Does the name Ab-Solved sound familiar?

Ab-Solved was the name of the original localized topical fat loss product that many found to be truly effective and was at one time synonymous with topical fat loss. It was also the original topical 7-OXO-DHEA product. Xtreme Performance Gels obtained the naming rights to Ab-Solved to bring back this legendary name and has kept the original formula intact + added newer exciting ingredients to it!

What is Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)?

Visceral fat is the body fat stored around the abdominal area around the organs, under the abdominal muscles and is commonly referred to as the most unhealthy type of body-fat. It is both unsightly and unhealthy and is linked to inflammation and a large variety of other health issues including insulin resistance, metabolic syndromes, cardiovascular issues, and more.
Visceral fat is sometimes described as the ‘beer belly’ appearance although that isn’t a completely fair comparison. Although many people that do drink alcohol in excess tend to store fat in this area, many people that don’t drink store it there as well and in many people it’s the last stubborn are of fat that just doesn’t seem to want to come off.

Ever seen someone that has reasonable to good definition in their abdominal muscles but their waistline is still not small or looks bloated or puffed out? Visceral fat is one of the possible causes.

What is Subcutaneous Fat?

Subcutaneous fat sits under the skin as opposed to visceral fat that sits around the organs. Examples of stubborn subcutaneous areas in many people include the stomach and love handles.

What makes Ab-Solved different than most other topical fat loss products/slimming gels?

Ab-Solved is designed for a localized effect on visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue while offering a variety of direct and indirect methods of action to increase thermogenesis in both visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Key Ingredients


7-OXO-DHEA is an advanced form of DHEA that is widely agreed in literature to provide a great deal of DHEA’s metabolic effects with 7-OXO DHEA being about 2.5 times stronger than plain DHEA, but without the effects on the sex hormones of plain DHEA.

7-OXO DHEA activates 3 primary thermogenic enzymes (fatty acyl CoA, malic enzyme, & glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase) and has been shown to have a positive effect on metabolic rate without diet or exercise.

There are 3 major systems through which 7-OXO-DHEA is thought to positively modulate in order to aid in body composition improvement:
– Thyroid
– Glucocorticoid

There is so much that could be written on the aspects in which 7-OXO-DHEA could effect the above systems that it would requires a series of articles and go well beyond what could be covered in the scope of a product writeup. In short, 7-OXO-DHEA is a great ingredient inclusion and the foundation of Ab-Solved.

Pomegranate Seed Oil (Std. to min. 78% Punicic Acid)

Pomegranate Seed Oil is becoming increasingly popular due to the wide variety of benefits it may offer, especially its anti-inflammatory and metabolic properties; many of which are attributed to its active Punicic Acid content. The Pomegranate Seed Oil used in Ab-Solved is standardized to a minimum 78% Punicic Acid content.

Pomegranate Seed Oil/Punicic Acid may support fat loss through a wide variety of complex mechanisms including by acting as a PPAR-alpha, gamma, and delta agonist and increasing fatty acid utilization and oxidation. It has also been shown to exert positive blood sugar effects via multiple channels such as improving insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammatory cytokines, modulating glucose homeostasis, and antioxidant properties.


Trans-Resveratrol is a very unique ingredient that promotes fat loss through a variety of complicated pathways, including acting as a PPAR-alpha agonist, improving fatty acid oxidation, increasing fatty acid thermogenesis, increasing brown adipocyte formation, decreasing triglyceride accumulation in fat cells, increasing thermogenesis in adipose tissue via AMPK, activating PGC-1alpha which increases fatty acid oxidative capacity, and more.


Phosphatidylserine is a very popular fat loss ingredient that is commonly associated with cortisol control. However, in addition to its cortisol control benefits, Phosphatidylserine may also be useful for HPA dysfunction (adrenal fatigue).

The HPA axis is your body’s hormonal response system to chronic stress. Hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis dysfunction (HPA dysfunction), also known as adrenal fatigue, is a major underlying cause of many seemingly unrelated, often misdiagnosed health issues and can lead to increased fat storage &/or reduced ability to lose body-fat.

Additional information

Weight 162 g


Serving Size

2 Pumps (2ml)

Servings Per Container


Estimated Supply

25 days

Suggested Use

Apply 2ml (2 squirts) to the skin twice daily, preferably spaced out 8 to 12 hours. Shake well before use.

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